Carta Iconography

Improving icons in Ink, Carta's design system

Emergent Drums 2

New model with new features

Deep Sampler

Generate unique drum samples based on your own library

Emergent Drums

Generate countless drum samples using AI

Meta OS

Robust prototype showing alignment across Office, Outlook, and Teams

Cortana Office Assistant

Exploring the relationship between PCs and assistive devices

Voice Interaction Guidelines

Building Microsoft's guidelines on voice interaction and design

Cohesive Classrooms

Cultivating classrooms where every child is seen, valued, and accepted

Outlook Email Dictation

Long form dictation has been around for decades. How can we modernize it?

Voice Skills in Microsoft Teams

What could a voice experience in Microsoft Teams look like?

Sprite Board

Cortana everywhere

Meeting Bookmarks

Could a simple button eliminate the need for taking notes?

Smarter Suggestions

More than just suggested replies

Better Assistance in Windows

How does Cortana transition from desktop to app?

Cross-Platform Design

Super long page with scroll-based animations

Paper Templates

Customize your own graph, dot grid, or various other types of paper templates.

Fantasy Football Draftboard

A draftboard view for Sleeper dynasty leagues


RFID-enabled MP3 player--you know, for the kids!


A simple sign to let people know where you are


Democratized playlists